Director's Cut

I'm thrilled to be showing alongside Roy Ananda, Matthew Bradley, Louise Haselton and Kate Power in an exhibition celebrating a decade of FELTspace!

I have re-staged my 2009 piano work, the air finds it hard to breathe for a final performance, this time including a trailing native Australian vine billardiera scandens, emitting a jumble of tinkering sounds triggered by the electromagnetic variations ​between​​ the surface of​ the​ plant​'s​ leaves ​and​ ​its​ root system (selected times, see below).

You are invited to participate by bringing along your own pot plant!


OPENING NIGHT 4 April: 5.30-8pm
SATURDAY 14 April: 1-4pm
FRIDAY 20 April: 1pm-late - stay for the street party DOUBLE DIGITS!
SATURDAY 21 April: 10am-4pm

FELTspace gallery is located at 12 Compton Street, Adelaide (near the Central Markets)
the air finds it hard to breathe (swan song)
Upright piano, billardiera scandens and mixed media. Dimensions variable. Photograph: Heidi Kenyon