The nature of memory and the memories of nature

I'm thrilled to be the 2018 artist-in-residence with the Botanic Gardens of South Australia for The Collections Project (a collaborative project between Guildhouse and the Botanic Gardens).

I have long been intrigued by the Garden of Health at the Botanic Gardens of South Australia as a resource for contemplation and healing, and was fascinated to learn recently that the origin of botanical gardens dating back as far as the 16th century was to showcase plant-based medicine as a teaching tool for physicians. I believe that objects and natural materials have the potential to exist as carriers of our lieux de mémoire (realms of memory), and contain clues to be unravelled. My research will focus on the memories and knowledge held within hundreds of thousands of years of plant medicine, extending my current interest into the nature of memory and the memories of nature.

The outcome of my project will be exhibited at the Santos Museum of Economic Botany in June and July 2018.
Cold Hands Warm Heart (detail), 2013
Resin, thread and twigs. Dimensions variable. Photograph: Heidi Kenyon