things of nature

Unley Museum


31 January - 16 April 2019
open Sun 2-5, Mon-Wed 10-4, Thu 10-6

I'm thrilled to be showing alongside Alice Blanch and Aldo Iacobelli in things of nature at Unley Museum.

The exhibition includes painting, photography and installation, and explores the relationships between nature and humanity.

Researcher and GIS consultant Marian McDuie will open the exhibition and speak about her research into the value of trees.

My installation pays homage to significant trees in the City of Unley (centenarians who have witnessed so much yet speak so gently) and elicits a range of stories; cultural, environmental, economic and therapeutic. My work utilises a device that perceives the electromagnetic energy of sapling eucalypts (River Red Gum and Grey Box) and translates these readings into live soundscapes, including environmental recordings, spoken word poetry and musical notes.

The trees will be donated to local residents over the course of the exhibition, assisting with land regeneration and developing new narratives.