Silent Nature

Jam Factory at Seppeltsfield


1 October - 4 December 2016
open daily 11am - 5pm

In 2014 a fire ripped through Eden Valley, including large portions of the Angas’ property, Hutton Vale Farm. Some of the fallen and extensively damaged gum trees on the land were over 500 years old. Witness to an age of events, these majestic trees were an integral part of the local eco system and landscape and their loss was an emotional event for the Angas family. In a project to creatively preserve the memory of these trees, 8 South Australian artists have been invited to create new works. Featuring Jennifer Ahrens, Adam Cantwell, Chris De Rosa, Helen Fuller, Heidi Kenyon, Sue Kneebone, Adrian Potter and James Tylor.
We are all made of stars [detail of work in progress for Silent Nature]
Found eucalyptus, mirrors, LEDs and mixed media. Photographed by the artist.